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Street Style We Love Fall 2023: The Supersized Trend Takes Over

Street Style We Love Fall 2023: The Supersized Trend Takes Over

The air's turned crisp, and the streets have once again become a canvas of evolving styles and colors. Here at Team SMART CARRY, as we navigate the city streets, we've been taking notes on what's catching our eye this season. Here's what's been turning our heads:

  1. SMART CARRY Luxury Inserts: Next to the oversized tote trend, we've noticed a surge in appreciation for our luxury inserts. Their seamless fit into these spacious bags ensuring that fashionistas can effortlessly keep their essentials organized, all while rocking the latest in bag trends.

  2. Oversized Leather Jackets: Confidence of this style stands out, making the jacket the outfit's star rather than just an accessory.

  3. Trench Coats with a Twist: The classic trench is always getting revamped! As we've walked past coffee shops and bookstores, the fresh takes on this iconic piece - from unique materials, trendy belts to bigger is better approach.

  4. 90's still here: 90's vibes everywhere. Baggy jeans to platform shoes, the decade's influence is undeniable.

  5. All About Denim: Layering denim is the way to go this season. We've been spotting individuals combining different denim shades, creating a visually delightful contrast.

  6. Super-sized Totes: These bags are everywhere! On the subway, work, or just casually slung over the shoulder during a shopping spree, these oversized totes are the go-to even Marc Jacobs is opening more locations due to high popularity for his totes. And we're thrilled to see our SMART CARRY inserts peeking out from some of them.

  7. Nature's Palette: Reflecting autumn's essence, the dominant colors are warm earth tones. The mix of browns, oranges, and greens brings a cozy feeling, mirroring the season's ambiance.

  8. Sturdy, Chunky Boots: Making a statement on the sidewalks, these boots are more than just footwear. They've become a key piece in many outfits we've admired, bringing together the entire look.

As the leaves continue to fall, we at SMART CARRY are excited to see how these trends evolve. But for now, these are the styles making waves on our streets!